Enable Empower and Enrich – Three powerful worlds that work wonders in the world of women entrepreneurship. As women around the world take centre stage and overcome boundaries, Women Entrepreneurs India takes a dominant stand and works towards creating better opportunities for women in business. SELL WEI is one such platform for women across the globe display, and sell their products through a simple, smooth and easy process. All this, while achieving greater visibility and saleability for their products.

SELL WEI is the brain child of Mahalakshmi Saravanan, Founder of Women Entrepreneurs India, who strives persistently towards the empowerment of women and encourages entrepreneurship. SELL WEI strives towards enabling women to showcase their products and services to a wider audience and ensures that the scalability of their business increases steadily. The multifaceted personalities of women are fortified through an expansive online selling platform, SELL WEI.

Women today juggle various jobs at home and work with utmost ease, and are looking at finding various opportunities to grow and improve their potential. With the slight encouragement and motivation, they could peak in their professional environment too, and provide many jobs for others, in the process. SELL WEI offers one such wonderful opportunity for women entrepreneurs, where they can ensure that their products and services have greater reach, and are at a better proposition of reaching target audience at any point of time, anywhere around the globe.

SELL WEI ensures that quality products reach the right audience and women from the seller and buyer point of view are equally benefited. SELL WEI also offers wonderful support 24/7, thereby ensuring smooth transactions and happy customers and sellers all over the globe.